Joining Anthony for this episode of VETchat by The Webinar Vet are Zofia Gilmer & Macarena Sanchez Martel, Veterinary Surgeons with an interest in Feline Medicine.

In this episode, Anthony asks Zofia and Macarena about their experiences in the veterinary profession and their specialisation in feline medicine. They discuss their challenges in their early careers and the importance of continuing professional development. After attending ISFM in July 2023, they discuss the key takeaways from the conference, including the importance of thorough workup and imaging in diagnosing and treating feline diseases. They cover the use of ultrasound, particularly for urinary cases, and the importance of gaining confidence using ultrasound. As well as managing upper urinary tract obstructions and the importance of nutrition in managing bladder stones. They stress the need for increased awareness and education on cat nutrition and hydration.

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